Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Logo Comparisons Non-Profit Good

This logo is successful. It is a non-profit organization that helps make and maintain paths for bicyclists. This logo really caught my attention. It is a very unique way that they designed the bike and the logo to fit together. The logo looks like it is part of the bike. I think it is still simple enough that the “N & R” stand out enough to tell that it is an “N” and an “R.” If they created more detail to the bike, I’m not sure if that would stand out as much as is does. The organic nature of the text works well with the curves of the bicycle. The colors they chose were appropriate because they are colors you would see outdoors. Even if it was not in color, the logo still works well. This logo was very successful because of the unique rendering of the bike and the letters.


  1. I do think this logo is interesting, and I like it but I dont know if I love it. to me it could be changed a little to be a bit more effective maybe if they would have extended the line on the N or varied the hight of the letters. although maybe they tried it and it didn't work. I do think it looks very profesional and very versitial. I could see this used in a variety of aplications.

  2. Wow, this logo is very memorable. I love how simplified but yet understandable it is... and on top of that, unique. Great find.

  3. This is a really great logo! The color choice works, it's simple and clever. Visually interesting as well, it can be understood easily and makes total sense for what their organization does.