Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Logo Comparisons Manufacturing Bad

This logo is unsuccessful. I think every kind of plumbing company uses or has used pipes in their logo. It just seems very overused. It is not original and does not catch my eye. It does represent it accurately to some extent, but it could be so much better. If you look at this logo without the “Discount Drainage Supply” next to it, I’m not sure if I would see the pipes and realize it was a drainage supplier. If they were going to use pipes I would have at least made them more predominant.

Logo Comparisons Manufacturing Good

This logo is very successful for many reasons. It is very unique. First of all, it incorporates a new shape in the background. It is unusual and very eye-catching. The organic shapes of the text resemble the uneven, swirl shapes of actual branches. There are many different weights to the text as well which helps visualize that. The use of the tree for the “T” is creative and it really matches the rest of the fonts used. There is no baseline, but everything still seems to be “together.” The use of the font, colors and the shape all help to make it one piece. This piece is extremely successful.

Logo Comparisons Non-Profit Bad

This logo, if you consider it a logo, is very unsuccessful. I know non-profit organizations are low on cash and cannot hire anyone to design anything for them, but this is just really plain. There is no character involved in this. Someone just wrote LET’S GROW AKRON, INC. It is legible and very simple, but I don’t believe that works well for this organization. It is not easily remembered because it isn’t unique. This logo is unsuccessful because it really is not logo.

Logo Comparisons Non-Profit Good

This logo is successful. It is a non-profit organization that helps make and maintain paths for bicyclists. This logo really caught my attention. It is a very unique way that they designed the bike and the logo to fit together. The logo looks like it is part of the bike. I think it is still simple enough that the “N & R” stand out enough to tell that it is an “N” and an “R.” If they created more detail to the bike, I’m not sure if that would stand out as much as is does. The organic nature of the text works well with the curves of the bicycle. The colors they chose were appropriate because they are colors you would see outdoors. Even if it was not in color, the logo still works well. This logo was very successful because of the unique rendering of the bike and the letters.

Logo Comparisons Service Bad

This logo is extremely unsuccessful. For one there is no hierarchy. They use way too many different fonts and the colors are so dark and uninviting. The NYCB which stands for New York City Bank, looks like something I created when I was a freshman in college. It is absolutely terrible and the only reason I remember it is because it is so bad! I don’t think this is represented accurately. It gives me no sense of money whatsoever. Overall, this logo is very unsuccessful and I think it is in my top 10 worst logos I have seen so far!

Logo Comparisons Service Good

This logo is very successful. If you take away the AKRON-CANTON AIRPORT it still works. I know what it is without even reading the rest. There is enough hierarchy so my eyes know where to go and in what order. I first look at the “A” with the airplane inside of it, then I read the text. The way they used positive and negative space is very successful as well. The airplane fills in the hole of the “A.” The color blue is a little bland, but it gives you the feeling of the sky. Also, this logo works very well without any color. Overall, this logo is very successful and I believe it is getting more and more popular everyday.

Logo Comparisons Retail Bad

This logo is unsuccessful. The hand-made font does represent the lettering on a cake, but I think it is extremely hard to read. There is no hierarchy or natural containment. It seems to be too highly stylized. They also did not use any color. The blue was just the background from their website. The spelling is a little creative, but I definitely think they could have done soo much more with it. Overall, the Wildflour Bakery logo is not successful.

Logo Comparisons Retail Good

This logo is very successful. It caught my attention the first minute I saw it. Not only is it a clever name for a company, but it is very simple and clear. They didn’t use any crazy fonts or images that I didn’t know. The font that this company used is very simple, but it still has a unique twist to it. It is very legible and I think just about everyone can tell that there is a cork in place for the “0” even when it is in black and white. Wine is supposed to be very simple and crisp, and I think the logo represents that. Overall, I think this logo is very successful, fun, and simple.

Logo Comparison Professional Bad

This logo is not successful for many reasons. When I first looked at this image, I had no idea what kind of company it was. The nice sophisticated fonts tell me it is some kind of law firm business. The two different types of fonts seem to clash for me as well. Then I look over to the image. I have no idea what they are trying to represent. I’m not sure if it is an apple or some kind of growing plant. The image also looks somewhat playful and nothing like a financial firm. There seems to be no unity in this logo. I feel torn between the image and the text. Overall, I think this piece is unsuccessful.

Logo Comparisons Professional Good

This logo is successful for many reasons. It is very clean and simple. The image reminds me of a flower. This logo is very appropriate for a growing hospital. The symbol still has structure to it which resembles the organization of a hospital and the special care they give everyone. The font is typical for a professional company. The way that they incorporated the colors helps bring the whole piece together. The triangular shape directs your eye in the right order and makes you follow the piece around. Overall, this logo is successful.