Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Logo Comparisons Non-Profit Bad

This logo, if you consider it a logo, is very unsuccessful. I know non-profit organizations are low on cash and cannot hire anyone to design anything for them, but this is just really plain. There is no character involved in this. Someone just wrote LET’S GROW AKRON, INC. It is legible and very simple, but I don’t believe that works well for this organization. It is not easily remembered because it isn’t unique. This logo is unsuccessful because it really is not logo.


  1. This logo is dead not growing.They could have put at least a little effort into it. I hope they put more effort into there company than they did on there identity I know if you work on this you can create something amazing.

  2. I agree...unfortunately they probably do not have much funding for a creative department, but they could have done something more than just a basic typeface. You will have a lot to work with...I think this would be fun to re-design!